My name is Theo Vanden Wyngaert and together with my wife and two children I live in Belgium.

From my childhood on I was fascinated by nature and all the animals in our surroundings.

With the arrival of the digital photography came the possibility to evaluate your pictures immediately on the screen and at the end of 2007 I bought my first digital camera.

Many years later this hobby only became bigger and the equipment I use became beter and better.

Nature photography usually takes a lot of effort and often the making of the picture itself is only the last step in a long process of preparation.
This preparation and the waiting on the unexpected is a great part of the joy in nature photography to me.

All the pictures on this site were taken by me and are protected by Copyright and can not be used without my written approval.

My pictures are available for sale with or without the photo rights.
Also phototprints or photo’s on canvas can be delivered.

For more info and prices, you can reach me by the “Contact” button in the top of the screen.

If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures!


Best regards,

Theo Vanden Wyngaert